Because we care about our product and your comfort, 2 Pink Shoes uses only the highest quality materials in creating these fun and beautiful shoes.


Dr Scholl's sandals have long been known for their quality craftsmanship, comfort and durability. The Original sandal has a contoured wooden outsole with a specially designed toe grip. This unique design encourages calf and leg muscles to exercise just by walking.


We want you to be excited about your 2 Pink Shoes and tell your friends where you got them. That’s why we use the finest crystals available. Genuine Swarovski crystals, from Austria, are the standard of excellence. True color, cut and size is just the beginning! No other crystals offer the shimmer and depth of color Genuine Swarovski crystals do, and they are the only choice at 2 Pink Shoes.

2 Pink Shoes hand-crafts each pair of Dr. Scholl's sandals. Adding up to 800 individually placed Genuine Swarovski crystals makes them beautiful! Each shoe is carefully inspected before the crystals are placed and again before they are boxed and shipped.

Your color choices are nearly limitless. In addition to our standard 2 color line, you can create your own custom color combinations.


Your Classic Original Dr Scholl’s will arrive unadjusted. Remember that these shoes are leather and will stretch over time. Please choose your setting and carefully lock them into place. Continuous adjusting may damage the crystals or cause them to fall off.

The Sassy Special Dr Scholl’s are not adjustable. They are set at the standard width. If you have questions regarding narrow or wide widths, please e-mail me at Annie@

Dr Scholl’s sandals do not come in half sizes. They do, however, run pretty true to size. If you usually wear a size 8, order a size 8. If you usually wear a ½ size, order the next size up. Click Here for the Woman's Shoe Size Chart


Please handle your shoes with care. We do not recommend getting them wet. And if you should find the soles have worn-down from continuous wear, not to worry! Your shoes can be resoled.

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