My name is Annie Reeves. Being the “girliest” of girly girls, fashion has been my life long passion, shoes in particular. And that is where 2 Pink Shoes began.

Living in Scottsdale, Arizona, I wear sandals a lot. I have always wanted shoes that are fun, elegant, versatile, pretty, comfortable and, well….you get the point.

Shop as I might and try as I did, I could never find the “shoe with it all.” The mission began!

One day I decided I wanted a pair of sparkly shoes. I wanted them to be elegant, yet fun and practical.

Legendary comfort and quality made
Dr. Scholl’s the obvious choice.

And nothing else comes close to
Genuine Swarovski crystals.

My 2 pink shoes were born!

Soon, others had to have my sparkly shoes. I was being stopped in the mall, at the ball game, in restaurants and everywhere else I went. Dale, my husband of ten years and some very dear friends, Jennifer Posorske and Kate Groves inspired me to take my passion for shoes and fashion to the next level. And so, 2 Pink Shoes the company was born.

Now I have the privilege of making these works-of-art for all you other “girly girls” out there. Each pair is hand crafted with the care and love that went into the first pair I ever made. My goal is to bring to the market the finest workmanship and quality products that are fun, elegant, comfortable, versatile, pretty and, well….you get the point. And my product line will be expanding soon. Check my web site often for the latest offerings from 2 Pink Shoes.

I feel blessed to have such a supportive family. My husband, Dale and our three children Anna Kiere, Derby Nash and Lager France are the light of my life and my inspiration. Thank you to my parents, Robert and Anna France for your guidance, help, love and understanding.

To my friends Kate and Jennifer. You are an example of strength, kindness and beauty. Thank you for your support and encouragement. You have helped me more than you will ever know.

And finally, Thank You for visiting 2 Pink Shoes.


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